Moe Brodie

Chief Executive Officer | Founder

Moe Brodie is a Lead Solutions Architect and Senior Manager with over 20 years of professional IT experience in supporting both private and federal clients. With a diverse background in project management, solutions architecture, and front-end and back-end development for many frameworks, Moe has implemented many sites and applications using Drupal in LAMP environments, .NET in Windows environments while also enhancing sites with UI/UX design and advanced analytical tools. Moe specializes in leading development and design teams, turn-key web/CMS solutions, software and systems architecture, technical writing, mobile application design, and Agile/Scrum-Driven project management practices.

Moe specializes in contributing his advanced technical leadership and proven development knowledge to high-traffic public-facing web site projects. Over his career thus far, Moe has managed several teams of developers and contributed his skills and industry experience to many federal agencies, serving as lead consultant to the IRS on Drupal Migration, Managing mobile development projects for HHS and the FDIC, leading development teams for migration of USCIS.Gov to Drupal and managing and conducting web development on primary public web sites for the FDIC, USDA, and DHS.

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