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Thinking of a web site for your small or medium sized business?

Have a web site that needs updating?

Looking for someone to fix your current malfunctioning web site?

There are a few things you need to know before organizing a plan for your web site:

We recommend that you choose and register a good ".Com" name,  and you must renew the name EVERY YEAR. If you don’t register this name properly and in YOUR COMPANY'S NAME, the person or company that registers it for you can put it in their name, instead of yours on the ownership, and then hold your domain name for ransom. Make sure you choose a reliable and honest web design company. We register all of our .Com names in your name, and you own it even after your contract with us expires.

"Hosting" refers to a computer that is placed on the Internet to allow others to access the documents that comprise your web site. In order to have a reliable web site, you must have it hosted with a strong and reliable company. If you choose a second rate hosting company or solution, your site can go offline frequently especially when user demand surges, This can end up costing you money and business. We have a great relationship with one of THE MOST reliable web hosting companies in the US, we are able to offer web hosting at low prices to our clients. Your first consultation with a web designer is the most important step in being satisfied with your web site or application.

WGD ImageSearch engines rank sites based on the content of each web page versus the promises your site makes. Any web designer promising you the "front page of Google in days" is either fleecing you or blowing smoke! Content is key to getting your site noticed. "Hype and flashing lights" will never outdo a quality, functional web site that conveys your message correctly. If you choose us for web design services, we will detail how we get you ranked on search engines at no additional cost to you. We will create a timeless and original design that you won’t have to worry about updating and maintaining. Prime search engine placement [SEO] comes over time after implementation of a solid site design and with the addition of accurate and useful content of your site.

Think its difficult to decide on a web design project? Its even more difficult to price a web design project! It is not uncommon for a project that started for a low flat fee to balloon into an expensive web design project with other web designers. Don’t believe the hype, many web designers quote low prices and then hold the project for ransom or drop it and leave you empty handed. We have a long reputation for working in the industry and we value our name, you can see that in our portfolio. We will detail the entire design process for you in our first meeting and you pay as you go, ensuring you receive the work you’re paying for and no less.

Web sites and their graphics and images are often covered as intellectual property, if a designer steals graphics from another site to make yours, you may be held accountable, especially as your business grows. By selecting a random web designer, are you guaranteed with your final web site design that you will get a 100% original site? That’s Important. There is nothing worse than getting a web site and finding out someone else has the same design. Many other web designers use "templates" or previously made designs in production of new sites! With us, you’re guaranteed a great original design from start to finish.